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A solution to dryness and dullness of your hair

Be it any weather, personal grooming and care should always be a part of your routine. Hair care is one of the most important parts of this regime and is also one of the most neglected on our part.

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Things You Might Have Never Experienced In Mussoorie even after travelling multiple times

Choosing between the sweltering Delhi heat and a call from the Queen of hills was a no-brainer, especially when being invited by Sterling Mussoorie to experience a weekend in the hills.

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What I gathered from my visit to Smart Metabolic Centre

I am blessed to be doing something that is not only my passion but also lets me explore various possibilities related to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and healthcare. With the fast pace of our lives, our health and lifestyle are neglected to the point of concern.

Recently, I came across the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre in Saket, New Delhi. The center is dedicated to providing worldwide healthcare and better facilities for people to incorporate in their daily life. Those associated with it benefit from it continuously without compromising their life.

I got the opportunity to attend the preview of India’s first and most innovative Anti-Aging center. An initiative of the Smart Group through its trust, the Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre (GMHRC). The event was an eye-opener, as we were made aware of the various health problems our lifestyle is creating for us and how all of us are victims of our own daily unhealthy habits.

The idea of creating an Anti-aging center, works on the personal belief Smart Group’s Founder, Dr. BK Modi, of “helping people being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond a 100”. The basic idea behind the project, from what I learned is to turn the idea of healthcare upside down. Instead of reactive, they focus on a model of Proactive Healthcare, that has been formulated and recommended by the world’s leading medical experts qualified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. I was in awe of the idea of combining state of the art diagnostics, wellness programs, plant-based nutraceuticals, lifestyle support and Regenerative Medicine Techniques, that work together to control and in most cases, reverse diseases to extend individual health and life expectancy.

What’s more, the center will be providing Intravenous Therapies for instant rejuvenation, Regenerative Cell Therapies (Stem cell therapies) and Aesthetic Treatments! All of it happens to be a big plus in my opinion. A very informative session by Ms. Preeti Malhotra, President of Saket Mediciti, highlighted the importance of staying fit and the motive of introducing this concept to the Indian population. She was joined by Dr. Graham Simpson, one of the world’s most renowned Anti-Aging doctors, who declared The Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre to be a ‘revolution in the healthcare space in India’.

Personally, I felt more inclined towards the whole idea by Mr. Somnath Bharti’s experience and life story. A member of AAP, he shared with the audience his journey from being diabetic to recovering and leading a completely normal and fit life minus diabetes. I was amazed by his dedication and the resulting recovery owing to his ‘raw food’ therapy since 2015, which consisted of only consuming raw fruits and vegetables to detox his body.

The whole concept and thought behind this project have got me thinking about our lifestyle. This smart venture into natural alternatives governing life sciences has made me all the more interested and excited about this by the Smart Group. I believe this Anti-Aging centre is only the first of many world-class healthcare services that GMHRC plans to offer India as part of their upcoming project – Saket Mediciti which will include a ‘Super Specialty Hospital’, ‘Assisted Living Centre’, Stem Cell Bank and research and other facilities to add to the Smart City of New Delhi.

The interesting session ended with a lunch and left us with a lot of logical and valid points to think about making improvements in our daily routines.  Also, it made me realize the significance of having centers like these to connect to our roots and cure ourselves naturally. Smart and side-effect free anti-aging solutions are the need of the hour in this stressed and hectic lifestyle. And the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre in the heart of Delhi lets you grow older with grace and beauty.

Stay healthy!


How To Control Hairfall Instantly?

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to address the most talked-about problem, which is hair fall. At a point, I felt it’s something that only women face but I realize how wrong I was! I hardly meet anyone now who have strong and healthy hair that doesn’t break or fall.

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Best Treatment For Your Frizzy Hair

If you have been following me on social media for a while you will be aware that I am not the person who switches to treatments and rather keep it natural. But this time I decided to take a leap of faith and chose to get a Keratin treatment for my hair. And God knows I needed it!

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A day at India Runway Week with RIG Clothing

If you are a fashion enthusiast and have not heard about India Runway Week, you have been living under a rock! Regarded as one of the top fashion week platforms in India, India Runway Week or IRW is a biannual trade event, specializing in showcasing young emerging fashion designers. This year I blocked my calendar from 20
th to 22nd April to attend the much-awaited Summer Edition of the franchise held in DLF Mall of India in Saket, New Delhi.

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Best Offer On Dominos Pizzas

Who else turns into an absolute nightmare when hungry? I can see my family pointing all hands and fingers and feet towards me, and I accept that I am guilty as charged. But allow me to let you guys in on a not so little secret to stopping those hunger pangs!

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AIFW DAY 5 Pearl Portfolio

Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.”
– Diana Vreeland

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LGKarSalaam, An Initiative by LG to salute the spirit of the Indian soldiers

New Delhi, January 15, 2018: Nation’s consumer durable major, LG Electronics India celebrated the 69th Republic Year of the country, with the launch of the #KarSalaam initiative solely dedicated to the Indian soldiers.

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